1. Henkel




    • Quantity – 150 Small CTD, 80 Big FSU, 50 backlit board |Target Location – Retails shop/Distributor shop
    • TG – Drivers who visit the shop
    • Location– South, West, North


    • FSUs, CTDs, and backlit boards are designed to boost product visibility and brand impact at the point of sale.
    • Henkel is a well-known brand for its adhesive technologies as well as for its home care products.
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  2. Our promotion kits made SML Isuzu handing over new vehicle keys absolutely exciting


    • Quantity – 70 sets |Target Location – PAN India
    • TG – Dealers & Customers of SML Trucks & Buses
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  3. The role of our wall mount displays for 3M Tape rolls


    • Quantity – 1200 sets | Target Location – Auto part shop
    • TG – Drivers | Location – States in South India
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  4. How to Ensure Employee Safety at Workplace Post COVID-19

    It has been a rough year for numerous businesses due to the on-going global coronavirus outbreak. So many people out there are working from home while the rest are bound to work from the office to keep the business running. And as the government has started uplifting the lockdown, slowly businesses are trying their best to get back on track. But to keep things working smoothly and control the spread of coronavirus, businesses need to look for workplace safety solutions that will help in following the guidelines in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at workplaces to reduce the risk of infection.
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