• Quantity – 150 Small CTD, 80 Big FSU, 50 backlit board |Target Location – Retails shop/Distributor shop
  • TG – Drivers who visit the shop
  • Location– South, West, North


  • FSUs, CTDs, and backlit boards are designed to boost product visibility and brand impact at the point of sale.
  • Henkel is a well-known brand for its adhesive technologies as well as for its home care products.
  • They wanted to increase their product visibility in their South, West, and North locations.


  • Increase their product visibility
  • Display Strong enough to hold a variety of products
  • They wanted different sizes of dealers’ backlit boards for various locations
  • To adhere to Henkel's brand and quality standards


  • We provided FSUs, & CTDs, to store various Henkel products and backlit boards to improve product visibility.
  • Because of the custom design, it was ideal for increasing product visibility.
  • The display's sturdy design made it suitable for multiple uses.
  • It was made to hold heavy and light products alike



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