Our promotion kits made handing over new vehicle keys absolutely exciting


  • Quantity – 70 sets |Target Location – PAN India
  • TG – Dealers & Customers of SML Trucks & Buses


  • Our dealer kit is a versatile and cost-effective approach to market brand by making it more visible and appealing to customers.
  • They need a solution that could provide uniform and consistent branding across India for their dealer’s outlet. 
  • We created versatile kit to fulfill their requirement of PAN India uniform branding at their dealer’s outlet.


  • Uniform PAN India Branding at their dealer’s outlet.
  • Combination of Flag & Hype Rail for Photo opportunity when handing over Vehicle Key to customers
  • To follow SML brand & quality guidelines


  • We offer them custom sets of the display products which include Hype Flag Banner, Hype Rail, Swift Convex Catalogue Stand, and Duo Desktop Menu Holder, Snapshot Frame Wall Mount, and Delivery Key.
  • The customized look of the full kit made it ideal for their dealer's outlet. Since they are lightweight, portable, and simple to build, whole dealer kit is easy to transfer.
  • The kit's sturdy design makes the display suitable for several usages. They can use it for precious moments like handing over Vehicle Key to customers and capturing perfect moment without compromising on quality.


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