Our Sanitizer Stations Helped Torrent Pharma Display Their Sanitizers Better


  • Quantity – 4280 sets | Target Location – Clinics
  • TG – Doctors Clinics | Location – Pan India


  • Our wall mount & floor standing sanitizer stations are used to hold sanitizer display bottles and as branding tools.
  • The stands had to be sturdy and hold multiple displays to showcase to the audience.
  • Following all guidelines and prominence was given to the quality standards.


  • It was to show that they also care for Doctors who are caring for people.
  • Should display sanitizer bottles and the brand name.
  • Wanted a reliable partner for the huge quantity of sanitizer stands.
  • Sturdy enough to hold multiple display samples.
  • To follow all quality guidelines.


  • We offered standing and wall-mounted sanitizer stations built-in metal.
  • The metal made them sturdy enough to hold multiple samples at once.
  • The robust construction made the stands reusable.
  • Thanks to our in-house mfg. we delivered the entire order with high quality in record time.


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